Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rebuilt Remanufacted & Used Engines For Sale

When looking for a replacement engine there are many options available. You have the choice of going with a used engine, a rebuilt engine and a remanufactured engine. We will be examining what you get when you purchase a remanufacture engine. When you buy a remanufacture engine you want to make sure that the engine is better than it was new. In order for that to happen you need to check to see if these processes are done.

ENGINEERING: Make sure that the engine you are about to buy is remanufactured by a process called "reverse-engineering." The result- the highest quality remanufactured engine available. It is the starting point and all procedures and processes are developed from that goal. The outcome is an engine that meets and often exceeds the original manufacturer's performance specifications.

INSPECTION AND MACHINING: Make sure the entire unit is first stripped down to the basic engine block and cylinder heads, which are then cleaned, inspected for cracks, and then precision machined to original manufacturer's specifications.

REMANUFACTURED COMPONENTS: There will be some remanufactured components in each engine that is built. Make sure that the selected components that can be reused are first checked to assure the fall within the original manufacturer's specifications. Make sure they are then machined and re-inspected to assure like-new operation.

NEW COMPONENTS: Look for what components are included in your new remanufactured engine. New engine components should include: pistons, pins, lock rings, piston rings, piston pin and bushings, main bearings, camshaft bearings, camshaft (new or reman) rear main oil seal, timing gear or chain, intake and exhaust valves, valve springs, spring retainers, valve guides (as applicable), rod bearings, cylinder head gaskets, oil pan gaskets, timing gear cover gaskets, rocker nuts and swivels, expansion plugs, oil pump and cam sprocket.

MACHINING PROCESS: Ask about the machining process. Parts that may be machined include the engine block, camshaft, cylinder heads, and crankshaft.

ENGINE TESTING: Make sure your engine is tested before it is shipped. Most defective engines can be spotted before it even leaves the production floor if proper tested after it is assembled.Finally ask what comes with your engine. Typically a complete long block will include a block, crankshaft, rods, oil pump, crank hear, cam gear, piston assemblies, camshaft, head, front gear housing, rear cover and seal, gasket set, lifters, pushrods and rocker arms.

Bottom line is do not be afraid to ask questions. Remember this is an investment in your vehicle that you should expect to enjoy and last for years to come.